New Generation Technology
Robotic Knee Prosthesis

These orthotics improve surgical robotics techniques and are naturally improved by their control. The surgical robot is equipped in detail.

    Robotic Knee Prosthesis
    Robotic Knee Prosthesis

    Comfortable, Long-Lasting Prosthesis

    Besides robotic surgery, many problems that may occur in classical surgery are not encountered. In addition, the artificial knee of robotic surgery has very advantageous aspects compared to the classical method. In addition to making the surgery more comfortable, the features mentioned below are among the advantages of robotic surgery

    • Robotic Knee ProsthesisDigital measurements and millimeter calculations
    • Robotic Knee ProsthesisLong lasting suit
    • Robotic Knee ProsthesisSoft Tissue Balance of the Knee
    • Robotic Knee ProsthesisError free and good functional results
    • Robotic Knee ProsthesisNo more night pain
    • Robotic Knee ProsthesisSolve the problem of walking short distances

    Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

    For Better Results

    Knee replacement surgeries performed using robotic surgery give better results than classical methods. Thanks to the millimeter calculations in robotic surgery, surgery can be performed comfortably and error-free.

    New Technology

    Robotic surgery is the latest technology and has many advantages over classical methods.

    Patients’ Choice

    Many patients who want to have a knee prosthesis prefer the advanced robotic surgery method rather than the classical method.

    Healing Duration

    The recovery period for a patient who underwent surgery using the robotic prosthetic knee method is less than the classical method.

    Duration of discharge from the hospital

    Another advantage of the classical method is that the recovery time is less.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      As a result of robotic surgery, the artificial knee does not look like an artificial one. The patient feels as if the knee with the prosthesis is his knee.

      Initially, the necessary examinations are performed on the patient with knee complaints, and then, if it seems appropriate, this method can be suitable for each patient.

      The answer to this question is of course the robotic surgery method. One of the most important reasons for this, as we mentioned above, is that the robotic surgery method has many advantages compared to the classical method. You can contact us to get more detailed information about the robotic surgery method.

      In robotic surgery, the life of the prosthesis attached to the knee is longer than in the classical method. Therefore, patients generally choose the robotic surgery method in terms of modern technology and long artificial lifespan.

      There is a slight amount of pain after knee replacement surgery using the robotic surgery method. However, since there is more pain in operations performed with the classical method, the pain of the operation performed with the robotic method does not bother the patient as much as the classical method.

      While the recovery period for artificial knee surgery performed using the classical method can take up to 6 weeks, artificial knee surgery performed using the robotic surgery method takes less time.

      Robotic Knee Prosthesis

      About the robotic prosthetic knee
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      Robotic Knee Prosthesis