Treatment in Turkey

Medical Treatment in Turkey

Turkey has been a popular location for international patients in the past years, and every year the number of international patients increase significantly. In 2017, about 765,000 people visited Turkey to receive a treatment. Advantages of healthcare system in Turkey plays a huge role in this. The main reasons why patients choose Turkey are;

  • Modern Hospitals, Experienced Staff, Fast Action and Successful Results

Turkey has been investing in the healthcare sector since the early 2000s. Both private and public health facilities were regulated by international quality standards and updated with the latest technologies in the world. Turkey has one of the highest numbers of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals in the world. JCI accreditation guarantees good service quality and experienced, reliable doctors. Patients from countries that lacks modern hospitals and reliable doctors choose Turkey to get their medical treatments. Turkey is also chosen by some patients to avoid long waiting periods before treatments in their countries.

  • Location

         Turkey’s geographically located in the intersection of Europe and Asia, and within 4 hours of distance by plane there is a population of more than 1.6 billion people. Patients from all around; from Europe to Africa and from Middle East to Central Asia patients choose Turkish hospitals to get medical assistance. Affordable travel expenses, short distances and accessibility are some of Turkey’s geographic advantages

  • Easy Organization

If requested, our team can help the patient with the organization. With our well established service network, our team can take care of the arrangements of services such as travel tickets, accommodation, transfer in the city, translator, doctor visits etc. This way patients don’t have to worry about doing the travel arrangements in a foreign country and can focus on the treatment with a peace of mind.

  • Touristic Attractions

Turkey has been a popular destination among international tourists for many years. The country’s historic past, unique culture and beautiful natural resources have been some of the main touristic attractions. International patients visiting Turkey for a treatment also get the opportunity to experience Turkey’s attractions such as historic masterpieces of architecture, Turkish gastronomy and local shopping opportunities. Our team can help in the organization of touristic activities if requested.