Joint Dislocations

Joint dislocations are another problem cause by deformity of a joint.

Types of Joint Dislocations

  • Congenital dislocations
  • Acute dislocations cause by a physical trauma
  • Chronic dislocations caused by untreated acute cases

Symptoms of Joint Dislocations

  • Intense pain
  • Difficulties moving the joint
  • A feel of cold in the area
  • Color changes on the skin
  • In congenital cases hip dislocations will cause imbalances as the patient grows

Treatment of Joint Dislocations

If the case is chronic surgical procedures might be needed. Chronic dislocations cause the nerves and ligament in the joint to get damaged overtime. Similarly surgery is a strong option with chronic knee and elbow dislocations. In the surgery the surgeon repairs torn ligaments, joint capsule and all other damaged tissues to get the best results.